Our Success Stories


M H from McCluer High School

 My daughter is able to attend her prom, at first she didn't have anything to wear.  Operation Prom Nite blessed her with a dress, shoes, and accessories. This is a  blessing

E T from Lift For Life Academy High School

Earlier this year, I had made the decision not to attend my prom. I was concerned about my weight and felt that I'd never find a dress that fits me, but Operation Prom Nite has allowed me to be like a  slim girl, I found a beautiful gown that fit me perfectly.  Thank you for everything you do, I truly appreciate it.

V M from Ritenour High School

My name is V M . This organization helped me, my mother is a single parent providing for 3 children and it is not always easy to pay for dresses for school events. This organization has help us in a big way.  Getting assistance with things like this is a blessing for low-income families. I am greatly appreciative.

Thank You  So Much

V O from Hazelwood East

Operation Prom Nite has help my brother with getting a tuxedo for his  prom, he is feeling relieved and stress free. He will be able to dress nice and have swag like all the other seniors. My mom has a disability so this program really helps our family.

K C from Lafayette High School

Operation Prom Nite has helped me a lot because I really don't have anyone to help me. I am mostly on my own. I wasn't going to attend the prom , and I didn't want to miss out! So by you guys helping me I can go.

A R from East St. Louis High School

Operation Prom Nite helped me get a tuxedo. My mom is a single parent struggling to take care of me and my baby brother by herself.  Also, I am running for prom king with confidence. 


A I from Grand Center Arts Academy

It a blessing to have others support this organization assist people who can't afford  prom attire. I am very appreciative of Operation Prom Nite. 

Thank You 

C M from Riverview Garden High School

The Michael Brown Chosen For Change Foundation student referral 

It would not be possible without the help of 

Operation Prom Nite.