August 2015 -  I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. While I was going through treatment, I wanted to know my purpose on earth. The Spirit of the Lord's answer was "help high school students who don't have  the means or resources to experience prom without the worries of its huge expense."

Operation Prom Nite was born in my heart!

January 2016 -  I went on Facebook and asked for prom dress, donations and gift cards. Within one week, I received fifteen beautiful gowns and eight gift cards for young men.

April 2016 - I hosted the first  formal prom charity event. The demand was so great that I knew I had found my purpose.

July 2016 - Operation Prom Nite officially began.  

The goal of our organization is to provide formal prom attire and mentoring services for the high school students in the inner city and surrounding  low-income areas.  

We are a 501 (c) (3) Organization.

Contact Us to make a donate or click the link below to make a monetary donation.

We can use your support to help more students who can't afford to go to their prom

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